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Our Scones


About Dr Fox's

Dr Fox's is a traditional Tearoom with all our cakes, soups and scones handmade on the premises. We are proud to offer locally produced juices and soft drinks in support of other independent businesses. Our small menu is of the highest quality.

White Chocolate & Raspberry.jpg

White Chocolate and Raspberry

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Our Scones

Handmade here at Dr Fox’s. We're always trying out new flavours. Our Sweet Scones will tickle your taste buds and if you like your scones grown up then our Savoury Scones are for you!

Sweet Scones

Apple, Cinnamon & Walnut 

A Tearoom favourite. Crunchy walnut pieces, soft apple and warm cinnamon.


Mashed banana and chocolate cinder toffee are hidden inside this one! Amazing with Biscoff spread and of course, clotted cream!


Black Forest 

A chocolate scone studded with sour cherries and dark chocolate bites. Add clotted cream and some Cherry jam for a teutonic taste sensation!


Old fashioned glace cherries! Add Morello or Black Cherry jam for extra cherryness or cheeriness!

Chocolate Orange

Chunks of Terry's Chocolate Orange, orange puree and orange zest added.

Double Ginger

Preserved ginger pieces, ginger syrup and ground ginger give a warming after hit. Double ginger? I can't count!



Tea-soaked mixed fruit.  Another tearoom traditional favourite.        


Pina Colada

If you like getting caught in the rain, this one's for you.  Coconut infused milk and pineapple pieces baked into a scone, topped with desiccated coconut. Come with me and escape!


Too good to be called plain - our all butter scone is the blueprint for all our other scone delights.

Vegan Traditional

Made with Vegan block and soya milk - but you honestly can't tell the difference.

Vegan Fruit

The same recipe as our traditional vegan scone with added tea-soaked mixd fruit.

White Chocolate & Raspberry

White chocolate pieces and freeze-dried raspberry give you that sweet-sour taste sensation. Try one with raspberry jam and clotted cream.



Orange & Cranberry.JPG

Orange and Cranberry

Cheese & Onion Scone.JPG

Cheese and Spring Onion

Scones fresh.jpg

Savoury Scones


Our plain scone is anything but plain, we prefer to call it "traditional"!


The original savoury offering in the world of scones. Mature cheddar cheese is mixed in and sprinkled liberally on top.

Cheese & Spring Onion

Mature cheddar cheese and chopped spring onions are baked into our traditional scone as well as being sprinkled on top. Cheese & Onion heaven!



Earthy, grated beetroot is baked into our traditional scone making it beautifully marbled. 

Cracked Pepper & Brie

Bigger than the average scone. Cracked black pepper is baked in along with a slice of brie in the middle and on top - very decadent!

Garlic & Herb

Garlic and mixed herbs are baked into our traditional scone, giving it an Italian twist.


Love it or hate it! These scones are made with Marmite infused milk and finished with a Marmite heart.


Green pesto is baked into our traditional scone givibg it s subtle flavour of Basil.

Tomato & Herb

Sundried tomatoes and Italian herbs are baked into our traditional scone. Bellisimo! 

Cracked Pepper & Brie.jpg

Cracked Pepper and Brie

G and H Scones.jpg


Garlic and Herb

Our Suppliers

We are proud to support local independent businesses. Follow the links to buy directly from them.


Award winning, high quality lemonades that will make you smile!


Bradley's Juice is a family run business, producing outstanding English juices and cider at Box Bush Farm in rural Somerset.

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 13.22.38.png 

Nutts Scotch Eggs have been a real winner in the Tearoom.  They'll be back next summer but in the meantime visit their website or Facebook page for info on where you can get hold of them over winter.

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